Why I Love Max’s Fried Chicken

Max’s is celebrating its 70th Anniversary this month of October. It’s my birthday month, too. (Oh my, time flies really fast!)

My fondest memories of Max’s restaurant was with my grandparents, who taught me how to eat Max’s Fried Chicken. I grew up with my grannies in Quezon province. Amama Eddie, my grandfather was an honorable policeman in Lucena. Every time he went home from his trip in Manila, he never forgets to bring  pasalubong for me and my Inana Linda, my grandmother. And that pasalubong is fried chicken from Max’s.

Our family was not well-off those times, but my grandfather never fails to bring us happiness, whenever he travels to the Philippine Constabulary Headquarters (Camp Crame today) and back to Quezon province. Aside from the Max’s fried chicken, I remember he also have a pack of chicken skin from Max’s. I don’t know if you are aware of the chicken skin chicharon, but it’s deliciously tempting.

The very memorable Max’s experience with them happened when my grannies fetched me from my parents house in Sampaloc, Manila. It was in the nineties. We were on board a provincial bus and almost halfway to Quezon already when Inana Linda felt hungry. We were already near the welcome border of Tiaong when my grandfather decided that we should get off the bus.

Along Maharlika Highway, you can see nothing but coconut trees and there’s not even a carinderia around. So we walk back towards San Pablo City in a mundane afternoon. Yes, we walk. I was complaining because it’s a long journey, but I can’t do anything, but to follow my grandparents.

And when I saw a Max’s logo along the Maharlika highway, that’s the only time I understand my Amama Eddie’s decision just to ease my Inana Linda’s hunger with our comfort food from Max’s.

This throwback was best rekindled last night at Max’s 70th anniversary celebration in Scout Tuason, Quezon City.

This 1945 photo of the original branch on 21 South F Street must be the earliest, before it was renovated with grills, screens, and signage of the eponymous restaurants


Today, this is how it looks like.The place where Max’s Restaurant started is now known as Scout Tuason, Quezon City.

I was lucky enough to know how Max’s emerged and succeeded through the stories told by the third generation of the family that founded Max’s – Mr. Maximo Gimenez and his niece now known as Nanay Ruby.


Max’s officials and family in no particular order Mr. Robert Trota; Jim Fuentebella; Ms. Cristina Trota-Garcia

I did feel the love of Nanay Ruby that night. She was the woman behind the genuine and famous fried chicken my grandparents love. The reason why I love Max’s fried chicken, it brings back memories of my loving grandparents.

Perfectly seasoned, satisfyingly crispy and delightfully comforting, Max's Fried Chicken.

Perfectly seasoned, satisfyingly crispy and delightfully comforting, Max’s Fried Chicken.

Aside from Max’s Fried Chicken. I also love the Pancit Canton very much that I can finish two plates in one sitting. Seriously.

My favorite Pancit Canton

My favorite Pancit Canton

Kare-Kare is also a favorite and the Caramel Bars

Maxs Kare-Kare

Today, we commonly share Max’s food during family occasions. The latest was last September, when JDen turned 7 years old. We celebrated in Max’s Commonwealth Avenue.


It’s all happy memories when eating at Max’s Restaurant and I congratulate the people behind it because you really know how to connect Filipino families through your comforting foods. Happy 70th Anniversary Max’s! Wishing you More Max’s Fried Chicken for the years to come! #HBD #ChickenLove





7 comments on “Why I Love Max’s Fried Chicken

  1. Max is really our go-to restaurant whenever we are in the mood for food with a home-cooked feel. The food is consistently good in quality wherever branch and that is indeed a mark of good management.

  2. 70 years in the restaurant business is an achievement worth celebrating. Gosh, they’ve been around for a long time, that’s so awesome.

  3. there is something about the chicken that seem irresistible … i just love Max’s and their pancit is something won’t be missed whenever we dine here …. happy 70th anniversary

  4. My memory with Max’s would be that funny moment we had when we realized we ate several quarter chicken with their unlimited chicken promo. haha Ah! I miss Max’s!

  5. Sometimes, it’s not just about the taste of the food that we’re served with, but the memories that we make while eating them. Which is why, even after generations and generations, we still stick to that one place we love to eat in and spend quality time with the people we love.

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