Why I opt to invest in health insurance?

If you ask me what’s the scariest moment for me? My answer is, when a member of the family gets sick. Why? Because, frankly speaking, the effect is complex.

Five years ago, I have witnessed how my husband battle with undetermined ailment. I was in the office that night when he called me and said, he’s feeling uncontrolable abdominal pain and that he can’t barely walk. So, I rushed home and brought him to the hospital. Inside the emergency room, he undergo standard operating procedure. He was only given pain reliever and put under observation for two hours. Then, he was released.

I thought that it’s the end of the problem, but the pain recurred early morning. We went back to the same hospital and then that’s the only time he undergoes laboratory tests. After series of examination the doctor, recommended an urgent surgery. I was aghast at the moment because I thought it’s just constipation, however, we learned that his appendix should be immediately removed.

The appendectomy procedure went smooth, but because it took time to get to the bottom of the problem, my husband’s liver was affected. He suffered from jaundice and was advised to take maintenance for his liver.

As you see, when one of the family members get sick, the struggle doesn’t end on the ill person itself. Honestly, the situation tested my strength because I’m physically and mentally challenged because I’m not ready with the unpredictable. But thanks, God, we hurdled the hindrances though I was financially drained.

After our life changing struggle, I learned my lesson and focused on my family’s healthcare. I tried to invest with my meager earnings because I don’t want to suffer the same situation again. I’d like to be ready and just focus on easing the patient’s pain without worrying about the discomfort of where I can get money for the hospital bills.

I started with managing our social healthcare insurance. I see to it that I enrol my children and husband as my beneficiaries.

Second, I bought healthcare insurance for the family and read about medical malpractice Philippines so I am aware of what to do next if ever we experience the same situation again. With further research, I learned that Malayan Insurance is offering liability insurance league which pay for the cost of damages and defense cost resulting from the negligent acts or omissions of the Assured. Under this, they have Medical Malpractice Insurance. The policy covers liability arising from any failure to render medical services or an error in rendering medical services which resulted to death, sickness or bodily injury of the patient. This product is available both for hospital establishments and individual doctors.

Take it from me, if you want to live with peace of mind, always remember that health is wealth. Our health is something we should manage and invest wisely because we only live once.