Art of Sensibly Designed Living

It’s not quite hard to keep a unique display of your style even if you live in a  condominium unit. There are creative furniture companies that never stop making artistically and functional pieces, like Kubular of Team Manila.

Last Thursday, June 16, Kubular started to showcase their “LightStyle Collection” in collaboration with Avida Land through the “Art in Space” exhibit at Glorietta 4, Makati City.

Avida Land Marketing Head Tess Tatco and Mon Punzalan of Kubular were present during the exhibit launch.

Art in Space Avida Kubular

Ms. Tatco emphasized that “Avida and Kubular share the dynamic working millennial demographic—the young, hardworking, creative and culturally-inclined who deserve access to artistically curated and thoughtfully designed living. We want to provide what is essential to their lifestyle—pieces that are of good quality, functional, modern, and sustainable.”

Mr. Punzalan explained that the “LightStyle Collection” were made from imported cream-colored Birch wood. The never-before-seen second collection are mounted on casters for flexibility and easy movability.

The product prices range from the cheapest P4,000 up to P50,000 for  customized furniture. Mr. Punzalan confidently told us that they highly recommend everything they make.

Kubular LightStyle Collection

The collection focuses on five pieces:

  • Stephen, an archival crate-inspired wood and metal plant stand that can work for indoors or outdoors—anywhere you want to give a cozy and inviting feel.
  • Alex, a bigger version of the Stephen that allows for a stylish and compact way to store any collection.
  • Max, a multi-purpose storage for the home entertainment system—the combination of Birch, dark metal and bright orange casters marries sleek style and function.

Kubular lightstyle

  • Victor, a minimalist, modern coffee table featuring a smooth rectangular silhouette with the collection’s signature black industrial metal handle and bright orange casters.
  • Theo, a wider version of the Stephen fits twice more—it’s a craftly-made piece that can be used to display plants, or sleekly hold books and records.

Kubular collections

Honestly, these minimalist pieces makes moving in and home redesigning so easy.  Its light-colored natural wood element is also a stress reliever. Plus the fact that we can never go wrong when we have plants inside our condo unit.

Other interesting products are showcased at the exhibit like this skate deck stool in gold color. I found it inside Avida Showroom and wanted to take it home.

Kubular customized


This stunning multi-layer shelf made from repurposed wood is just perfect for modern artistic home.

Art In Space exhibit


Art designs by Suez and Zapote can also be found in the gallery.

Interested? You can visit and buy Kubular products (with discounts) at 2nd floor Avida Showroom, Glorietta 4, Makati City.

The Art in Space exhibit will run until June 30.

17 comments on “Art of Sensibly Designed Living

  1. It definitely looks like sensible furniture and nowadays, its best to have those kind of things around rather than something flashy but will be useless in the future.

  2. Ohhhh this is fantastic! I love wood pieces. They make me feel comfy and cozy. Did you buy or placed an order on any of the products? 🙂

  3. Their creation is unique and great! This would e very useful though it is somewhat expensive

  4. So this was the event I saw over the weekend. Sayang, wasn’t able to check it out. But I’m glad to read your post. At least I had a glimpse of the pieces in the exhibit. I’ll try to drop by before it ends because I’m currently looking into various design and furniture pieces for future references.

  5. I’m convincing my hubby to buy the crate shelf or the Stephen in the LightStyle Collection. Anyway, the exhibit is until June 30 so we can still go back. 🙂

  6. The products looks quite modern and minimalist. And suprisingly expensive. I’m a lover of classic pieces tho, but not the bulky ones.

  7. I love how they made a skate board into a stool. The collection of the furniture was great and it was also movable to give you access to the hard to reach places when cleaning the unit. i also love that it gives a minimalistic vibe as I don’t want my space cluttered.

  8. E would love the minimalistic feel of all of the furnitures although I am not quite sure of it. I think our style is a mix of old and new so maybe a few pieces would do.

  9. I really like the LightStyle Collection because it’s so convenient and it’s great for small spaces as well. The wheels definitely make it easier for you to move the furniture around without hassle. I love the design too.

  10. avida is one of the known builders of condominiums and homes here in the ph. price is average compare to other properties like century which is so freakingly expensive

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