Australian Fruits Worth Sharing This Summer

One of my dreams is to visit Australia with my family not only because of the beautiful places worth exploring and their rich culture worth learning, but also because of their foods and fruits that makes me drool.

Australia is abundant with luscious, sweet and juicy fruits like nectarines, peaches, plums and apricot, even pears and grapes, so when the good news unfold,  I am in hype to taste them all.



Last April 14, Summerfruit Australian Limited and  Australian Ambassador Bill Tweddell  launched ‘Now in Season 2015’ at Sofitel Hotel. It marks the season and availability of Australian grapes, pears and stonefruit in the Philippines. Meaning, we can now indulge on Australian fruits this summer!

Australian Ambassador Bill Tweddell and Anthony Weymouth, senior trade commissioner of Austrade Manila

Australian Ambassador Bill Tweddell and Anthony Weymouth, senior trade commissioner of Austrade Manila

In line with marketing Australian fruits here in the Philippine, SAL Chief Executive Officer John Moore, together with Australian Table Grape Association Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Scott and Apple and Pear Australia Ltd Market Development Manager Olivia Tait explained that fruits from Australia are quality, safe and healthy. They ensure that consumers will enjoy their eating experience of Australian fruits.


Summerfruit Australia Limited CEO John Moore, Anthony Weymouth, Apple and Pear Australia Ltd, Market Development Manager Olivia Tait and Australian Table Grape Association CEO Jeffrey Scott

Would you believe that just by scanning the stickers embedded on the fruit (like the nectarine in the picture below) they could easily know from what farm the fruit came from, when it was harvested and even from what specific tree number it was harvested? Yes.


My favorite nectarine!



Australian grapes

Chef Tim Hollands even showed the guests more ways to enjoy Australian fruits. I agree with what he said during the cooking demonstration, as a mother he encouraged me to prepare more simple yet healthy meal or baon for my children this coming schoolyear.

“You are what you eat. Parents these days are coaxing their children to eat healthy: whole grains, vegetables and fruits. Between a chocolate bar and an apple, I would pack an apple into a kid’s lunchbox,” said Chef Hollands.


Chef Tim Hollands cooking demonstration using Australian fruits

This French toast is made with fresh grapes and garnished with caramelised pear.


French toast with grapes and caramelised pears

Another delightful recipe by Chef Hollands is the Fruit Quesadilla. He stuffed the quesadilla with apples, pears and bananas with mascarpone and garnished it with cinnamon sugar and honey.

Fruit Quesadilla

Fruit Quesadilla

Healthy and delicious indeed, so don’t let the month of April and May pass without buying, tasting and sharing Australian fruits with your family and friends. Visit S&R, Robinson’s, Shopwise and Rustan’s grocery store and supermarkets now!

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  1. Fresh fruits and veggies are the two vital foods that we’re all having daily. Fruits are versatile in all food industry too. Australian fruits are the best worldwide.

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