The Power of Souvenirs To Prolong Happy Memories

People look forward to their vacations. That time away from the hectic daily grind renews them. Memories made while experiencing new places can boost their happiness for years to come.

Souvenirs picked up during a trip tie into the memories associated with the place. People crave items representative of their vacations because they provide touchstones that will remind them later of their experiences. The personal value of a souvenir arises from this link with a positive journey or event.

Because of these personal feelings, people often put some time and effort into the selection of their souvenirs. Your needs and goals influence the decision.

Is It For You?

Choosing a souvenir for yourself is a pleasant ritual on vacation. Some people collect specific items during all their trips, like silver spoons with city names on them or picture postcards of the destination. Refrigerator magnets are another inexpensive category.

Artwork from the region you are visiting makes an excellent souvenir. You can add it to your wall decor when you get home and admire it every day. This very visible memento of your vacation might also add a nice conversation piece. You will enjoy talking about where you got and what you did on vacation with your guests.

Take The Experience Home

Some souvenirs from a trip can go deeper. Vacations present an excellent way to break away from stress and cultivate better habits. Perhaps you visited a health spa or meditation retreat and wanted to incorporate what you learned into your lifestyle.

This type of souvenir would be an item like a book or recording meant to instruct you in new hobbies or philosophies. For example the Mohonk Mountain House shop sells a mindfulness gift set full of items that teach people to savor experiences and adopt a new outlook for greater well-being.

Gifts For Others

Souvenirs are often given as gifts. People like to pick them up for friends and relatives, especially those who are doing you favors while you’re away. The house sitter, pet sitter, and the neighbor watering your flowers are all examples of people that vacationers frequently buy gifts for.

Buying them items that reflect something about their personality adds a thoughtful touch. Often they most appreciate unique items that cannot be gotten where you live, like a fine wine from a small vineyard.

As a general rule, souvenirs tend to be small. This makes them easy to pack and saves you from being weighed down while on a walking tour. Choose the object that calls to you, so you can use it to remind you of fond memories in the future.

24 comments on “The Power of Souvenirs To Prolong Happy Memories

  1. I used to almost wreck my brains, thinking of what to buy as souvenirs for my friends whenever I go on a holiday trip. but now I tend to do it the easier way: SNACKS & FOOD!
    i’ll rather my friends have a happy filled tummy (and forget that I’ve even given them a ‘souvenir’) than to give them something they’ll rather not have, yet is unable to dispose off for the sake of friendship.

  2. Great tips. I like to buy souvenirs for me and my friends whenever I go on vacation. Usually these are small items that are light, unique and can be used.

  3. I personally avoid getting things like themed stuffed toys and stuff like that because I think it ultimately becomes clutter around the house. I do love buying stuff abroad though but more on clothes from exclusively local brands. πŸ™‚

  4. I am a souvenir hoarder! It’s always looking for the perfect souvenirs. I always end up wanting to keep them instead of giving them to friends and relatives. There’s just this certain joy and fulfillment that one gets when he or she receives a souvenir. I collect postcards from my trips, which I intend to frame for my travel wall for my future house. Also, I always purchase extra pieces to send to friends who also collect postcards. I look for bookmarks too, hand-crafted pens, and books that I can bring home to give as presents.

  5. We only like small souvenirs. Bulky souvenirs are hard to bring home and eventually may just gather dust in the house. Our photographs are our souvenirs. I also try to blog about our trip to render our impressions in black and white words.

  6. That is the only thing I always forget when we are in a travel mode. My mind is full of things to prepared…fully occupied, like if I am together with my kids, need to pack their things etc…because of that I forget to buy souvenirs from our travels. Too bad!

  7. I personally love collecting coins & bills of the international destinations I’ve been to. But if it’s local (inside the Philippines), we usually collect t-shirts or something to display at home. πŸ™‚

  8. I don’t have the habit to buy souvenirs for myself when I visit a place. But, I do love to photograph that moment and keep it hang on my wall~

  9. haha! great post. One of my all time fave – fridge magnet. We used to buy one from every city we visit.. over the years some broke, others got lost. Still, great memories when we look at the brunch. Certainly great advise, this one.

  10. I love buying souvenirs not just for myself but for my friends and families too.. I think it is more like a token to reward yourself for visiting that place!.. Much like the photographs, these items will surely save a lot of memories… I love buyin ref magnets and mugs the most! I just love to post them in our fridge and they provide a very rewarding experience too!

  11. I always buy a fridge magnet from everywhere I go. My fridge right now has no more space for them so I had to put them on the side. Every time I have to open the fridge I look at a random magnet and remember how nice I felt in that trip, where I got it from. πŸ™‚

  12. Souvenirs are nice especially if they are not overpriced! I rarely buy in destinations when the products being sold are catered for tourists. On some occasions, I would pick up something while exploring.

  13. I ensure i get a souvenir from wherever we go as it really has memories attached and can help recrrate those specially well fr children

  14. I never thought about souvenirs being so important before but now that I look back they are tied to specific memories. Next time I travel I think I will put more emphasis on that. Thanks!

  15. I just listened to a Ted Talk on this about how a trip can last a few days but the memories last a lifetime! I try to buy souvenirs with a story behind not materialistic but my house is scattered with lovely memories πŸ™‚

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