The benefits I get from blogging

I have been blogging for years now. You may be wondering why I blog, I also asked myself why I still hold on to this endeavor. Well, I only blog to free my mind of worries. Blogging is my virtual world where I share my thoughts, my fantasies, my experiences, be it failure or success. For how many years, blogging has brought me wonders and here are the main reasons why up to now, I am still in the blogosphere.

Blogging helps me practice my writing skills.

I am not a good writer. The reason why I blog is to practice my writing skills. As they say, practice makes perfect. I have self-doubt so I want to constantly push myself to practice and this is how blogging helps me. If for others, writing is easy peasy, for me it is a challenge. It challenged me in different ways like deciding about my content and if I can write consistently. There’s a time when I experienced brain drain. This happened when I can hardly express my thoughts through words. My blog became idle until I had the courage to write again. Blogging is hard yet exciting for me to conquer.

Blogging helps me gain new friends.

When I started blogging, I used to write daily journal, purely personal and family related. Then the chatbox became a trend and it leads to blog hopping. This opened the door to a wider audience and I started to know more bloggers from all over the world. I followed other blogs, regularly visit and leave comments. Blogging really creates camaraderie and would you believe, some of the bloggers whom I only knew virtually became my real friends. Lucky enough, I also meet some blogger friend from the other side of the world when they visited the country.

Blogging opens new opportunities.

Aside from helping me with writing skills and having new friends, blogging also taught me some technical aspect like understanding authority of your domain, how to earn online, from the simplest link building, to article writing, making advertorials and advertisement, name it. Blogging can make you become an influencer. However, it is a long process because you have to establish your blog first, create your identity, have an audience or followers and build trust. Also, it is hard to maintain a blog, you must learn some technical terms, must know a little bit in programming languages. You have to pay for your own domain and web hosting too if you want more opportunities to knock at your door.

Blogging is my continuous learning tool

You must know your niche and be open to changes. As I’ve said, blogging then was only a diary but now it is an empowering tool once you have established your identity in the virtual world. So to attain that, you must know the trend and the buzz in the blogosphere. Constantly read books to help you write eloquently or visit other websites so you can grow and be a better blogger. You can also embrace new technology or programming language to enhance your blog. Blogging is indeed a diverse hobby to learn, that’s why I love it.

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