Chan Lim Chinese Lantern Exhibit at The Block, SM North Edsa

You know that Chinese New Year is near if you see gleaming red lanterns on display at the mall.

Lanterns originated from China and are known as traditional decoration.Lanterns today varies in shape, color and sizes. It is also widely used in art. I read that thousand years ago, lanterns are used in entertainment and now it is famously used in grand celebration, like the Chinese New Year. If I remember it right, the Lantern Festival in China marks the end of the New Year holiday.

Marking the start of Chinese New Year celebration in the Philippines, samples of over 100 hand-painted lanterns by The Chan Lim Family of Artists and Students are on display at The Block, SM North Edsa from January 24 until February 11, 2016.

Lanterns on Display

The Chan Lim Family has been involve in arts for more than four decades. Chan Lim is the name used by the family patriarch in signing his artworks. Their first exhibit was held in SM Megamall in 1995 and to date, they have conducted 14 family painting exhibits.

Mind you, none of the family members  are related to arts. Most of the Chan Lim siblings are licensed engineers like Alex, Felix, Rolex and Jolex. They come from different fields and industries.

Mr. Alex Chan Lim headed the exhibit launch last Sunday. He painted on the spot in front of the curious audience and art aficionados.

Alex Chan Lim

Mr. Alex Chan Lim with his artwork finished in 10 minutes.

Here’s a video of Mr. Alex Chan Lim doing the basic bamboo artwork.

After the demonstration, we were given painting materials for the Basic Chinese Painting workshop. We were taught how to paint bamboo and flowers.


Here are fellow bloggers who were having fun while painting their art pieces. I believe the sumptuous lunch by Lugang Cafe before the exhibit started gave us more energy to paint.


Actually, I was very reluctant to start painting, because I am only good in observing a work of art. But my anxiety with the imminent activity vanished because of the helpful members of the Chan family. Eventually I let go and started stroking my hand with the paintbrush as if I am a pro. I let my hand do the work and control the brush. Do whatever my mind desires to paint. From that point, I felt that the more I stroke the brush, the more I am excited to finish my piece.

And I’m proud to present you my finished artworks. I hope you like it because I am so happy while doing them.


I felt the sudden interest to learn how to paint. Good thing, the Chan Family has a studio located in Pasig City. To easily reach them, visit their website at or follow them on FB


18 comments on “Chan Lim Chinese Lantern Exhibit at The Block, SM North Edsa

  1. That’s beautiful. I haven’t tried painting yet but more eager to do so. I love handmade arts. This actually reminds me that Chinese New year is near.

  2. I met Mr. Chan Lim at Manila Hotel for the CNY celebration there. He also did a display at the SM City Bacolod last year. He is now a known Chinese artist in the country and is now a favorite attraction every Chinese New Year.

  3. Your finished paintings turned out great for your first time! I actually learned the same painting style when I studied in China more than 10 years ago, your post inspired me to revisit it!

  4. You should be proud of your paintings. Those purple chrysanthemums look very good indeed. You are a natural. 🙂

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