Kindhearted kals give Bantay Bata kids the gift of KidZania Manila

The kids of ABS-CBN Foundation’s Bantay Bata program enjoyed exploring KidZania Manila and its various role-playing activities, through the kindness of their fellow children who supported the KidZania Para sa Bantay Bata initiative. By purchasing star-shaped capiz ornaments, the play city’s misters and misses were able to raise more than P174,000, sending more than 160 underprivileged children to discover their dream careers at the mini metropolis.
Visiting KidZania Manila and role-playing various careers was an unforgettable experience for the Bantay Bata kids. “They were amazed by all the different features of the play city—the bank, newspaper office, and fast-food outlets that were so true to life, except that they are kid-sized,” said social worker Evan Lyndon.

The kids enjoyed working as chefs for a day, and making their own cheeseburgers and macaroni salads. They also learned the ins and outs of putting a newspaper and a TV show together, the value of caring for trees, and the importance of working together to save lives as doctors and firefighters. “It was an inspiring experience, as the kids gained a deeper understanding and appreciation of what adults do and how society functions,” added Evan.

Bantay-Bata Kids1

Bantay Bata kids don their aprons and learn how to make cheeseburgers at the McDonald’s Burger Shop.

“One of the most important values we always aim to teach kids is to care and share whatever blessings they have with others,” said Maricel Pangilinan-Arenas, State Governor of KidZania Manila. “It just goes to show that each of us can do something—no effort is too big or too small—to make the holidays bright for others, especially kids who are in need.”

Bantay-Bata Kids

The KidZania para sa Bantay Bata program was part of the play city’s Paskong Kai Saya sa KidZania Manila initiative, which celebrated well-loved Filipino Christmas traditions.

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11 comments on “Kindhearted kals give Bantay Bata kids the gift of KidZania Manila

  1. Wow. I’m really glad there are foundations organizing events like this. You really can never go wrong with kindness, no matter how grand or how simple the gesture may be. More power!

  2. This is a nice program for underprivileged children! I hope they have more programs like this in KidZania so the kids can experience and get a good glimpse of reality. I believe that exposing them to adult jobs gives them a clear idea what they want to be when they grow up and by knowing that, they can start aiming for that.

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