Coming Home To Mandaue Foam

Filipinos treasure and value home because it symbolizes FAMILY.

They also love to beautify their homes however big or small it is.

Filipinos love furniture to make their home comfortable for the family to live. And he perfect home store, Mandaue Foam Furniture Store, “Your home, your imagination” can make it happen.

Mandaue Foam offers a wide array of furniture, perfect for big and small home – and offices too. It originated in Cebu since 1971 but today, Mandaue Foam Furniture Store have branches in Ortigas Avenue Extension, Quezon Avenue and Las Piñas City.

There are 3 furniture from Mandaue Foam that I really love to buy for my home.

This classical Airah Woodpatch is perfect for our living room. It is the better version of our old sala set. I’m sure my late mother-in-law would love to seat and relax here while watching her favorite television show.

My family would love to eat in this Rectangular Dining Table with 6-chairs – just perfect for my small family


And Gregory Book Case is enough for my books or favorite reads. This could be also be a good divider. The design and style maybe edgy yet elegantly perfect for my room.


I’m sure you also love to beautify your home. Try visiting Mandaue Foam Furniture Store and find the perfect furniture that suits your home.

Anyway before you drop by I’d love to share to you Mandaue’s newest television commercial.

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