Gardening 101

Nurturing living things through gardening makes me busy nowadays. If you noticed, I don’t have a new post for a couple of weeks now all because I am giving time to my little garden.

This hobby started last June. I did not plan to do gardening and I only had the idea when I happened to passed by The Manila Seedling Bank, one good morning after work.

I was on board a bus when it passed along Edsa-Quezon Avenue intersection. From the bus, I saw the blooming flowers outside and so I decided to get off and take a walk inside the Seedling Bank.

In an instant, I bought roses and orchids at one stall and from another stall I bought Marigold and Millionaire’s vine.

At home, my little girl was delighted to see the flowers and plants. She even asked me if she can help in transferring the plants to each pot and so I let her do some task.

Well, hubby was surprised too when he saw our patio and he even bought me gardening tools and suggested that I add more flowering plants.

I’d like to plant veggies too…hopefully I can do it one at a time and I will keep you updated with my new endeavor.

6 comments on “Gardening 101

  1. Gardening is very therapeutic hobby. My lolo was a good gardener, I remember he would spend morning till lunch just tending to his garden..shucks i miss my lolo bigla!

  2. oh geez! my mom loves gardening so much so last year i bought a house for her and my dad i’d make sure my mom has a wide gardening for her to enjoy! xx

  3. Soon, I’d like to start my own garden where I can get my vegetables for my home cooking. My father has his own small garden in the province, and he used to plan much orchids.

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