Designing Rooms with Wall Decals

After we had our room painted in violet. I guess this year won’t end without renovating the other rooms in the house. Yes, renovating my kid’s room is now in blue paper.
I’m going for the do-it-yourself home decorating option. This time I am not into repainting my kid’s room. I will try to use wall decals instead. I’ve learned about wall decals australia through searching the web and I find several beautiful designs that really make a room stand out. I’m still hunting for the wall decal design if it is currently available and if it would fit in my budget.
But since the room to be renovated isn’t mine, the first thing to do is to know what my son wants in his new place. How he wanted it to look like or if he has some new designs in mind. You know how kids decide nowadays especially if he is in his tweens. Sometimes, he’s into personalized stuff and now demanding some privacy.
Anyway, going back to the room renovation, I guess it’s fun using removable wall decals. This said wall decals are pretty much easy to detach and replace. I think it would be a lot easier and fun too if I let my son dig in the work. I’m thinking of making this room renovation project a time for us to bond and get together.
So do you think I should give him an assignment to find a wall decal design of his choice instead of me choosing it? Yes, this is right and I’m going to grab this chance to teach him how to clean his room too. I’d like him to be responsible enough to make choices. That way I could also teach him to become a responsible person when it

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