Do-It-Yourself Hair Embellishment

Mommy MODE ON.

It’s my daughter’s first time to be a flower girl. As expected the mom was also excited. The wedding was held in Manila suburb just about an hour of travel from our place. As I recalled, all the things we need were in our bags the night before the grand day and since I have a checklist I thought we had it all.

But things happened, as the members of the entourage were dressing up…and it’s my daughter’s turn for her hair and make-up, that’s when I learned that I forgot her hair dress.

The stylist had the little girl’s hair braided and it was elegantly done even without the hair dress. As I was taking  a picture of her outside the church vicinity, my attention was caught by the flowers just perfect with the color-motif!


My little princess without the hair dress and the flower that saves our day.

I took the courage to pick some flowers. Inside the car, I fixed her hair embedding one pink flower in every braid’s hole using a hair pin. (Thanks God, we have  hair pins!)


Little daughter wondering how she looks.

And when we went off the car, she was on with her new and natural hair embellishment.


Little daughter showing her natural hair embellishment with her escort.

Our friends asked me where did I get the flowers, I told them, God miraculously gave it to us. Wonders of nature indeed and mom’s innate creativity.


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