Eco-Living In The Philippines: Are We Ready?

Despite mixed reviews regarding our economy, it cannot be denied that the Philippines today enjoy a real estate boom especially in condominiums.

Real estate reports say that of almost 40,000 residential units built this year, almost 35,000 have already been taken. The outlook for next year continues to be bullish with more Filipinos adapting to the lifestyle of condominium living.

In the array of these condominiums however, there is a lack of buildings that cater not only to the residential needs of the consumer but also to one’s harmonious relationship with the environment.

Medium to high-rise buildings jack up energy consumption, deplete water resources and can be a waste disposal nightmare as they cater to the needs of hundreds of their condo dwellers.

In the end, this can further exhaust our already limited resources in Metro Manila much faster than people living in houses or apartments.

Already the visionary, GFL Metro Communities Inc, presents the best alternative possible –
the eco-efficient condominium – marrying the comfort and ease of the modern condominium with eco-efficient technologies.

Fittingly dubbed as Elements Eco-efficient Residences, this modern marvel will soon rise along Shaw Boulevard, Kapitolyo Pasig City. The 28-story, twin tower residential condominium will use eco-efficient features that use energy conservation and recycling without sacrificing the full amenities of condo living.

A resident of Elements will enjoy luxurious living without the guilt. The towers will have renewable energy (solar panels), rainwater catchment systems, a green roof and hanging garden, motion detectors, Light Emitting Diode (LED lighting), Low flow toilet fixtures, and a pro-active recycling system.

Its two towers are aptly called Nerou (water) and Aire (air). The Nerou Tower displays the hypnotic effects of rippling water features at the lobby and the sky pool providing a soothing, calming environment for residents and guests.

The Aire Tower, on the other hand, has both Sky and Hanging Gardens. This multi-level Hanging Garden is incorporated in the midsection of the building to enhance the positive effects of the green roof (building rooftops covered with vegetation). If more residential buildings will follow Elements’ initiative, these roofs and gardens could effectively lower urban air temperatures.

The Elements Eco-Efficient Residences also provides conveniences for its tenants such as resort-style swimming/lap pools, child-safe indoor playground, theater room, a spa and wellness center, fully-equipped gym, Wi-fi lounge and a business center. A boutique mall with cozy restaurants and quaint shops will be built just steps away from the condo.

With condo living on the rise in the Philippines, more and more Filipinos will opt to live in medium to high-rise buildings. They are ready to adapt to this kind of lifestyle.

For urban dwelling Filipinos especially, many have always preferred styles like those found in the United States because they have always set the standard for condo living.  Presently, more and more residential buildings in the U.S. are starting to see the advantages of eco-efficient technology.

In fact, a 2009 report by the U.S. General Services Administration (USGSA), found that many sustainably designed buildings cost less to operate and have excellent energy performance. In addition, occupants were more satisfied with the overall building than those in typical commercial buildings.

With this in mind, it is but natural to conclude that we are ready for the Elements Eco-efficient Residences as the best alternative to condo living.

4 comments on “Eco-Living In The Philippines: Are We Ready?

  1. I agree with you, LOCATION IS A KEY. In choosing a place to live number one is the ambiance and the people living in that place. ECO-ENVIRONMENT STANDARD of the building.

  2. This is one nice move. However, Filipinos needs a lot of encouraging to embrace such changes. But this would really help the environment and I think,, the government should already step up for this.

  3. I dont like living in a condo. Aside from its price, I dont see the value in it. You dont even know your neighbors:( and sadly these condos doesnt help the environment

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