Talking About Wellness

In less than a month, I’ll be a year older. Yes, I am not getting any younger but more than my age, I worry more about my health. With a stressful work and lifestyle I have, I know I always need to keep my body (and mind) fit.

Time has come for me to be more conscious of my health. Eating three times a day is not just enough…we need to balance not only the things we do but also the food we intake for our health’s sake.

Now, talking about wellness here, I started to explore my physique and get very curious about fat stored in me.

Good thing, Nestle helps me to understand my body. Through the Nestle Wellness App that I downloaded on my iPad I was easily informed about my Body Mass Index or BMI. By calculating your Body Mass Index, you will know if your weight is ideal to your height.

I’m glad to know my BMI is Normal at 22.85. Now, I need to maintain it in the normal range and to do this, I should understand the food I eat. Go back to the basic Go, Grow and Glow foods. This way, I will know my balance diet and if I am serving my family only the good food.

What’s more interesting with this Nestle Wellness Application? You could easily know the nutritional facts of any Nestle product through simply scanning the barcode and in simply doing it, you can also earn points!

The Nestlé Wellness app is currently available on iOS platform and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. To download the app simply:

1. Access the App Store from your Apple device
2. Search for “Nestle Wellness”.
3. Click Install and download the app for free.

The Nestle Wellness App is really a convenient tool to healthiness. Try the Nestle Wellness App now!

Choose Wellness, Choose Nestlé!

One comment on “Talking About Wellness

  1. This is a very helpful application from Nestle Wellness. Now, we can get to watch what we eat using this app. And I can relate, I’m not getting any younger, too, so we must really take good care of our health.

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