Free Movie Treat for the Family!

Are you tired seeing your children so busy with their gadgets during weekend? Why not treat them in a movie house? FOR FREE?

Starting July 2-3, The SM Movie Cinema Family Movie Day will kick off in SM branches nationwide. There will be a “family movie of the month” that you can  watch.

Choose your date schedule:


Here are the two easy steps that you should do.

1) Go to your favorite SM Cinema.

2) Buy 2 tickets to the family movie of the month. Yes, only two tickets and your two kids get to watch for FREE.

After watching the movie, you can still continue your bonding moment. How about playing bowling or go skating?

Have more fun because the family movie day kit includes 1 free bowling game, a 1-hr skating pass, a 1-month subscription to Blink, and other perks from Pancake House, Nivea Men, and other brand affiliates. Patrons will also have access to a kids’ corner, full of different games and activities that children will surely enjoy.

So it’s a date every month for the family!  Enjoy and bring back the habit of weekend-movie-watching with the family at SM Cinema.