What to Wear on Halloween?

When you see cobwebs, spiders and pumpkin decorations at the mall plus the different costumes on display it definitely means Halloween is near. Adding up to the observance of All Saint’s eve are television programs that tackles about ghosts, mysteries, some horror flicks and even those songs played on the radio like the all-time favorite – Thriller.

More scenarios that Halloween is near – my newsfeed are flooded with topics about candies and desserts perfect for Halloween. Plus my friends wall post usually goes something like what to wear and cook on Halloween?

And now, just like some other moms,  I am busy searching costumes for my little daughter.

She was my pumpy-yumpy-pumpkin at 6 months old. This pumpkin costume was second hand from her cousin Yan-Yan.

She was a little cute witch in an effortless do-it-yourself costume at one year old. Yes, effortless because I just let her wore an old black shirt and bought her a witch hat plus tiny pumpkin container.


I surprised her with a fancy hair dress when she was 2 years old. It’s an ax on her head that never seemed to scare her at all. lolz


A cute little vampire at three years old. I bought the costume in a local mall near our home. It is still in good condition at this time and I am wanting to sell it for half the price.


She was Princess Jasmine at four years old. Again, I bought the costume at the mall. Up to now, it still fits her and this is still in perfect condition. I can let her wear this again if she wants to.

I am not yet decided on what costume will she wear but I am planning to use face painting make-up on her this time. The only thing I can say is I want her  to look a bit scary. How about turning her to an Annabelle doll? What do you think?


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