Is Your Site Mobile-Friendly?

A lot of netizens browse the web using mobile phones.  In the Philippines alone, there are 105 million mobile subscribers according to reports last year. So it is better to go with the flow and upgrade your website to make it mobile friendly.

Good news! Mom’s Online Magazine is mobile-friendly according to Google.




How to find out if your website is mobile friendly. Here are some easy steps.

1. Go to Google Developers Mobile Guide


3. Take the Mobile-Friendly Test

4. See the result

If you want to offer your users a full mobile experience…continue the following steps.


16 comments on “Is Your Site Mobile-Friendly?

  1. Having a mobile friendly website plays a big role in today blogging business. For those who want to be serious with their work its a really crucial part. Nice for pointing that out.It was a short post but informative and to the point without any filler. Good job.

  2. YAY! Google’s mobile-friendly test said that my site’s mobile-friendly. It’s important that websites are mobile-friendly because as you said the number of people who browse the World Wide Web using their mobile phones have increased through the years. And, if you’re a business, you’d want your customers to easily find you and view your site even from their phones – it’s crucial.

  3. never heard of this mobile friendly test! i used to do my own test by asking my friends who’re on different mobile os to go check out my site. hahaha!

  4. a nice way to check the site out. it reminds me that i need to make my blog responsive but i don’t have the time nowadays

  5. When I had my site redesigned, I asked that it be coded to be mobile-friendly. It is easy to test by accessing it using a tablet and a phone. Glad to know that there is a tool to check for it in case you do not own any of those devices.

  6. I wish more bloggers will listen to Google’s warning about making a site mobile friendly. Thankfully, mine is.

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