Let’s Talk About Sex

The desire for sex is normal for adult men and women. Society tends to encourage the development of sexual bonds in intimate relationships. Media messages include many sexualized images. Advertisements and commercials include sexually explicit phrases and lyrics. Movies and tv episodes contain brief partial or full nudity and sex scenes.

Sex isn’t a problem for most folks but it can be an issue for some. Sexual addiction is a term that’s often used to describe feelings and sexual actions that these people find difficult to control. Sexual addiction can damage physical and emotional health and relationships. It’s important to identify and treat sex addiction. Therapy Philadelphia can help individuals and couples to define and address sex addiction issues.

Sex Addiction Diagnosis

No official sex addiction diagnosis is available in DSM-V. Although an official diagnosis for sex addiction has been proposed in the past, it wasn’t included before publication of the most recent version. Sex Addition Counseling will include defining hypersexual or compulsive sexual activity and a therapeutic treatment plan.

It may be challenging for individuals and couples to distinguish differences between an active and normal sex life that includes multiple partners from sexual addiction. Religious or cultural societal norms may be uncomfortable and restrictive for those embracing a range of normal sex activities.

Sex addiction is real. The American Society for Addiction Medicine views addiction as a pathological pursuit of rewards or reliefs from substances or behaviors. Addiction is present when the individual’s behaviors are impaired. He or she may suffer impaired judgment or impulse control.

Porn Addiction

In most cases, sexual addiction doesn’t include porn addiction. Many people use pornography without negative repercussions.

Others rely on pornography to excess. They feel consumed with the need to view pornographic images or videos. Their behavior regarding pornography can negatively affect personal relations in multiple ways. For instance, if the user prefers porn to his or her real world partner, it may be devastating to him or her. Some researchers conclude that compulsive pornography viewing is associated with a violence perspective toward women.

However, it’s important to recognize that porn isn’t sex. For that reason, a so-called porn addict shouldn’t be viewed as a sex addict unless a qualified therapist concludes that’s so.