How to Avoid Post-Divorce Depression?

Deciding to end a marriage is never an easy idea, but the alternative can be far worse. Still, your Michigan divorce could potentially be the product of weeks, months, or even years’ worth of preparation and planning. Of course, don’t assume that all your troubles will magically end once the papers are signed. While legally ending a romantic relationship can offer countless rewards and help you get the life you want and deserve, temporary emotional issues can be an unexpected surprise. Fortunately, there are several simple but effective ways to avoid post-divorce depression.

Write a Goodbye Letter to Your Old Life

According to a major study in Clinical Psychological Science, being in a bad marriage can lead to depression. Of course, anyone who’s experienced that firsthand certainly doesn’t need a study to confirm it. The study also states, however, that while up to 60% of divorcees do become depressed, those who aren’t depressed during their marriage tend to avoid the condition after their divorce. One of the best ways to bypass the blues is to clear the regret with a goodbye letter.

This isn’t something your ex, your kids, your friends, or even your Michigan divorce attorney need ever see. This is simply for you. Just sit down with a pen and paper or at a keyboard and pen a final farewell to all you’re leaving behind: the sorrow, regret, guilt, anger, and anything else that needs to be left in the past so you can move on.

Write a Welcome Letter to Your New Life

Most people survive post-divorce depression with little to no issues. However, it can be a challenge to overcome when combined with life stress. At that point, you need to get out of your head and focus on the benefits the future offers. One simple way is to write a welcome letter to your new life.

Unlike the goodbye letter, leave the past out of this and focus on what’s to come. Welcome in reconnecting with long-lost or even new friends. Welcome a new fitness routine and wardrobe into the fold. Welcome looking for a new job or going after that newly open position at work. Greet all the fresh, new, and exciting experiences and challenges you’re about to face as a newly single adult.

Create and Rely Upon a Strong Support System

University analysts confirm that most people get over their divorce depression relatively easily. But split loyalties outside the marriage only extend the blues. Regardless of how close you think you are to a mutual friend if they’re connected to you and your ex, chances are they can end up supporting the opposite team. Suddenly you’ve not only lost your romantic love but also a potentially trusted confidant. Avoid the extra stress by building your support team prior and during the divorce. You might even be amazed at how many true friends come out of the woodwork to help reconnect and hold your hand during your time of need. That’s their job after all, so don’t be too proud to let them in.

Create a New You

Once your Michigan divorce is finalized, the shackles are off. That means it’s your time to shine if you choose to do so. And why shouldn’t you? Take those night classes to finish your degree. Join a gym or try out some dance classes. Build your new singles wardrobe or even go on a cruise. Who knows, you just might end up meeting the real love of your life in the process… or becoming it yourself.

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