McDonald’s & KidZania Manila: Fun, Play & Learn

KIDS love to PLAY. When they play, they meet new friends. They use their imagination. They role play. They learn new skills and values. Kids discover a lot of things about themselves while playing, like their dream or future career. These are the reasons why playing is healthy for kids.

Good news is, KidZania Manila, a new play city for kids is now under construction at Bonifacio Global City. Kidzania is an edutainment theme park that values the importance of play. KidZania

To add more HAPPINESS in this soon to be opened theme park for kids, McDonald’s Philippines and Kidzania Manila announced their official partnership, last June 25.


McDonald’s Philippines President and CEO Kenneth S. Yang, Maricel-Pangilinan Arenas, governor of KidZania Manila and chief executive of Play Innovations

KidZania Manila will feature McDonald’s Burger Shop where kids age 4 to 12 years old will learn the ingredients that go into every McDonald’s Cheeseburger and each step of the process in making it. The training that kids will undergo is the same standard procedure that ensures Quality, Service and Cleanliness delivered to every customer and each meal enjoyed in any McDonald’s around the world. It’s definitely a fun experience where kids develop their skills and teach them the values of responsibility, hard work and discipline.


McDonald’s Philippines President and CEO Kenneth S. Yang, ABS-CBN Chairman Gabby Lopez, Ronald McDonald, Maricel-Pangilinan Arenas, chief executive of Play Innovations

This partnership strengthens McDonald’s commitment to children’s wellbeing as it continuously paves ways to provide enjoyable and enriching experience for families, the McDonald’s way.


Mr. Kenneth Yang of McDonald’s; Urbano; Maricel Arenas-Pangilinan of KidZania

McDonald’s Philippines President and CEO Kenneth S. Yang shares, “We are definitely excited about this partnership as it strongly adheres to our commitment to Filipino families especially kids. We have existing programs that are especially designed for our youngest customers such as Kiddie Crew, a summer program wherein kids are trained like a McDonald’s crew and enjoy fun activities and creative workshops. We have Family Fun Days that we regularly hold in-store and the annual McHappy Day that encourages families to go out, play and enjoy a morning of fun run and various activities. Now that McDonald’s Burger Shop will open at Kidzania Manila, it is yet another innovative way to have a fun activity for kids which at the same time teach them essential life skills and values. We are looking forward to hear their good stories as they enjoy their experience at the Burger Shop.”

“Like KidZania, McDonald’s is a brand that loves and is loved by kids around the world,” said Maricel Pangilinan-Arenas, Governor of KidZania Manila and President and CEO of Play Innovations Inc. “We’re very excited to have them as an ally in giving children a truly realistic, immersive experience. Our goal is to empower kids in a fun way, by letting them experience how a community works, how to make and manage money, and how to cooperate and work with other people—all of which are necessary for success in the adult world.”

Be sure to watch out for the opening of McDonald’s Burger Shop at KidZania Manila where kids can develop their skills, learn important values and meet new friends while having an awesome time!