#Paradizoo: Paradise in the South

The annual event of Zoomanity Group (Yupangco Group of Companies) at Mendez, Cavite is always the event to attend to yearly. Not just you will see an improvement every year for more flowers, vegetables, animals & facilities but an improvement for activities and parade of animals.

The Paradizoo “Power of Three” event is an annual event to showcase the beautiful array of different kinds of flowers, different breed of farm animals & different kinds of vegetables.

For this year from January 10, 2015 to March 31, 2015, different programs and activities will be showcased and as follows;

January 10- Sneak preview/ Neighbors Day/Teachers Day/Government Officials Day with pigeon racing from Residence Inn Tagaytay to Paradizoo in Mendez Cavite.

January 17- Opening and the Flower festival week that includes also the ribbon cutting with Zoomanity Group CEO Robert Yupangco.

January 24- Opening of Bonsai at Eclectic Garden & Seminar with Zoomanity Group Consultant for Bonsai, Atish who is from Bangladesh.

February 7- Livestock Festival Week with a speaker from UPLB.

February 28- Vegetable festival week with Mr. Zonito Tamase and Mr. Conrado Hernandez to talk about the “Power of Malunggay” and ” Basic Lettuce Growing & Hydroponics.”

March 14- Amazing Animal Parade with Joy Baleteza to talk about “Organic Cacao Farming.”

March 21, March 28 and March 31- Zoomanity Group will launch their new products with Mr. Ed Ilanda to talk about the Presidential Bamboo Foundation.

For more information: Please send inquiry to gracenicolas@yahoo.com