Piolo Pascual for Essilor’s Seeing the World Better Campaign

My work requires me to spend half of my day in front of the computer. When at home, I am fond of watching television or read books before sleeping. These are just some of my daily routines that make my eyes feel so heavy, tired and lately it is slowly becoming blurry. A situation that I ignored and now what? I must wear eyeglasses to correct my blurry vision.

Yes, I am one of over 20 million Filipinos whom according to report are in need of visual correction. That is because all I value about is my work and I did not even bother to think about my eyes.

Good thing, Essilor, the world leader for corrective lenses wants Filipinos lives to improve by having improved eyesight. During the launch of Essilor’s ‘Seeing the World Better Campaign’ last Monday, Essilor general manager, Dr. Emelita Roleda said that they want to address the alarming number of visual impairment cases in the country.


Essilor general manager, Dr. Emelita Roleda

Seeing the World Better campaign will drive three important messages: Prevention: Essilor lenses help prevent age-related eye diseases, 2) Protection: It also helps provide everyday protection from ultraviolet (UV) rays and harmful blue light 3) Correction: promote the initial purpose of Essilor which is to help correct eyesight.

“We also hope that through this campaign, Filipinos will start paying more attention to their eyes so they can see the world in a clearer and brighter view,” Dr.  Roleda added.

To help educate the public about the importance of healthy vision, host Issa Litton formally announced that Essilor’s new brand ambassador is non other than top celebrity Piolo Pascual.


Essilor admits that Piolo has 20/20 vision and aside from being a famous actor, Piolo is also a sportsman and health buff, a characteristic that is perfect and effective for promoting wellness.

“Good  eye health is a serious matter because it is essential to performing practically all our daily tasks. Without good vision, we can only do so much and this limitation can stand in the way of achieving our goals”, Piolo said.


In line with this, expect to see Piolo Pascual in a new TVC promoting Essilor’s ‘Seeing The World Better’ campaign. The infomercial ad will air on March 1, at primetime slots on select cable channels, will help us understand how good vision helps Piolo accomplish his tasks/activities effectively.


For more than 160 years Essilor succeeded to develop wide range of lenses to protect and correct eyesight.  The company devotes 150 million euros a year on research and development to offer increasingly efficient products.

The success of the company, which is present in more than 100 countries, is the result of a strategy that has been driven by innovation. As a matter of fact, for four consecutive years, Essilor has been awarded by Forbes magazine as “The World’s Most Innovative Companies”.


Founded in 1972, Essilor is a worldwide leader in developing and manufacturing ophthalmic lenses, lens coatings and dispensary technologies. Premium eyeglass lenses from Essilor are the result of more than 150 years of advanced research, innovation and technology. A true leader in innovation, Essilor revolutionized the vision correction industry in 1959 with the invention of the world’s first progressive lens. The brand provides consumers and the eye care professionals with quality spectacle lenses, diagnostic tools, services and support in business.






9 comments on “Piolo Pascual for Essilor’s Seeing the World Better Campaign

  1. Wow! 150 years of research is truly remarkable. It’s very important to learn how to take proper eye care. Piolo Pascual is a good endorser selected to promote the brand.

  2. OMg. Si Papa P! wahahaha

    Seriously, my last annual physical exam result shows that I am beginning to have some vision problems with my left eye. Well, Essilor will be one of my choices. Thanks

  3. My doctor said that I need eye protection since I work on computer almost non-stop. I will try Essilor soon, hopefully, they have budget friendly eyeglasses too.

  4. Same here sis I have a blurry vision too, and yes that is because of our work. I am wearing eye glasses since elementary years because of I have astigmatism. But when I went to college, I stop using it. Then just lately, when I turn 38, astigmatism and blurry vision hit me. Now I am wearing again new eye glasses for correction.

    And great to know that my glasses is made from ESSILOR. 🙂

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