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My Kid’s Ipon Challenge

Saving is one of the hardest thing to do for a tight budgetted family. But however hard it is, I believe, practicing little by little won’t hurt the daily budget.

Last September, we were thinking of how we will celebrate Kiat’s 10th birthday this 2019. We should at least have enough budget for a  celebration. So hubby thought of buying a coin bank. He bought the IPON CHALLENGE tin can and encouraged Kiat to put P5 or P10 coins, left from her baon.

Of course, daddy has his share too. I let them handle their saving style as I have my own strategy.

And so after six months, they were able to fill the IPON CHALLENGE tin can. I was surprised of the outcome and Kiat was so happy too as they were able to raise 12,590!

Yes, because aside from the coins, hubby also put some bills.

We were elated that we saved almost P13k, but Kiat decided not to spend it to celebrate her natal day. Instead, we have it deposited in a bank under her name.

After this, we thought of saving again. Last May, we bought 3 coin banks, one for Ponks, Kiat and me. Yes, Kuya also joined the bandwagon.

Our challenge, whoever will be the highest saver will receive 500 pesos from the least saver.

Guess which one is mine? Yes, the piggy bank.

I’ll update you on how far we’ve come with our IPON CHALLENGE soon.



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