Practicing Practicality

During this time of the year, a lot of parents worry on budgeting. Some if not all, are having a hard time making both ends meet.  I usually struggle on money before.  So I think of ways to lessen the burden this time by being practical.


1) I SHOP EARLY – When there are mall sale, I usually buy stuffs my kids might need in school –  like school shoes. Have you observed during the month of May, prices of school shoes surge and almost doubled the price.

What I did – as early as March or April, I already bought shoes for my daughter. I bought her an ELLE black shoes which only costs P499.00 (less 50%). Last May, the shoes already costs around a thousand bucks.

2) I CHOOSE QUALITY – There are times that we really go for the quality of the things we buy even it costs us a little more. We usually buy the kids heavy duty bags that costs a thousand bucks or two. I tell you to stick on durability and not on the brand name.

Today, my kids are using old bags, still intact and dependable. My son enjoys his Converse backpack and my daughter still boast her Barbie trolley bag.

3) I RECYCLE – it’s the little things that can spare you from wasting money. I kept unused pad papers and bond papers. I gather all clips, fastener, old scissors, even pencils and crayons.

What I did – I explain to my children how important it is to recycle. It’s good for the pocket and environment too. Besides, throwing things that can still be useful could add on our waste problems too. This time, I save a little money because I only bought school supplies that they don’t have.



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