The Benefits of Breastfeeding

Mom’s, did you breastfeed your children? I did it with my offsprings although my milk lasted in a short span of three months only.

Mother’s milk is everything a baby needs up to six months from birth. It supplements essential vitamins to strengthen our baby’s immune system and fight neo-natal death.

The colustrum or the first milk that initially flows out the nipples and sometimes comes out in brownish color is said to be the most nutritious breastmilk because it has the highest immune factors compared to mature milk.

Although, mothers may somehow feel pain the first time of breastfeeding, the little sacrifice is worth it for the sake of your baby’s health.

And to encourage mothers to turn into breastfeeding, did you know that the Department of Health (DOH) offers financial assistance to mothers who will breastfeed their newborn?

Yes, this is part of  the government’s program to promote breastfeeding and targets to lessen neo-natal death cases in the country.

To mothers who will give birth at hospitals are entitled to receive P6,500 cash assistance for hospital bills while mothers who will give birth in lying-in clinics will receive P1,750 assistance.

Not bad at all, eh. Parents can save money and at the same time enjoy a healthy baby.

Breastmilk is still best for babies. And so the saying goes.



2 comments on “The Benefits of Breastfeeding

  1. Maybe this benefit is only for government hospitals. I gave birth last December and breastfed my baby. Breastfeeding my baby at the time she was born is one thing I am most proud of.

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