Top 4 Myths Associated with Maternity Clothes and Nursing Bras

There are many myths that women think or have heard of when they are going out to buy maternity clothes and nursing bras. However, I did some digging up and I found four myths that many women know.

First, what is a myth? A myth is a story that many people have heard of, but they have not been proven by any one or any organization. Therefore, this article is all about the stories that people know and have heard of. Remember, they are not true. Well, if you have a bad fitting bra will not only look bad on you, but it will bring health problems like back pains. Furthermore, if you are breastfeeding, it can bring infections to your breast. Do not be scared, the aim of this article is to help you buy maternity clothes that are good for you and your health after you get a baby.

In order to do that, we have to look at the myths associated with nursing bras and maternity clothes. The myths are:

1. Underwire nursing bras are more likely to bring you infections

It is not clear how this rumor started, but it is not true. An underwire-nursing bra that fits you properly is actually the best because it will not affect your health and keep you comfortable. Remember, when shopping for underwear nursing bras, always make sure that it completely encircles your breasts and reach underneath your arm. This way, you will get great support for your breast without pressing them.

2.A maternity bra and a nursing bra is the same thing

Actually to say the truth, they are totally different things. A good doctor will always recommend that you have at least two of each case. However, many moms do not know this.

A maternity bra is also known as a pre-natal bra. These bras are worn before the baby is born and they have a screechy cup. These cups adjust will the way your body grows. A nursing bra is worn after the baby is born. The cups for this type of bra look as if they are dropping. The main aim is to provide easy access to your breasts when you want to breastfeed your kid. Others have snaps, hooks, or zippers to provide the comfort and support that you need.

3.All latches are made the same

You may believe it or not, but laches are not made the same.
The most important thing when it comes to nursing bras is the latch. They come in all sizes and shapes and it is important to look for the one that makes you comfortable. The work of a latch is to provide easy access to your breast because you will be having a hungry baby.

4. Women bodies grow during the last weeks of the pregnancy therefore, I should get a loose brand

It is true that bodies grow during the last days of the pregnancy, however, you should not get a lose brand. Even when you are looking for maternity clothes , or nursing bras, make sure that, you buy the ones with proper fittings. Remember, it is the support of the whole breast.

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