A Tour Inside KidZania Manila

The long wait is over, KidZania Manila will officially open its door to the public on August 7!

KidZania is the first of its kind role-playing environment in the Philippines and the 20th KidZania city in the world. It’s a mini-city with 8,000 square meters of play space specially designed for kids 4-14 years old. Inside are 40-real world brands that provide children reality-based activities and skills.

Your child can choose from more that 100 immersive role-play activities to learn and enjoy. This way, your children will understand how it’s like to work like an adult, earn their own money. It will also teach them some decision-making – to spend or save the money, which is really EDUCATIONALLY KOOL!

The children will also have the chance to meet the RightZKeepers Urbano, Vita, Chika, Beebop and Bache!

RightZKeepers - Bache; Urbano; Beebop: Vita and Chika

RightZKeepers – Bache; Urbano; Beebop: Vita and Chika

All establishments at KidZania are worth visiting, but I have listed the places and things that I think is important to explore in the educational entertainment play city.

Before entering KidZania Manila, parents and kids will have to go through the airport.


KidZania International Airport

The Immigration Department is your gateway inside KidZania and your EXIT POINT too.


KidZania Immigration Office

The  PaZZport Office is the place where the kids can B KidZanian citizen.


PaZZport Office

The currency inside the play city is called the KidZos. Kids can earn KidZos after they work in their preferred establishment. They can also use it to buy foods or even have it deposited inside the KidZania BPI Bank. KOOL, isn’t it?



A view inside the bank.


KidZania BPI branch

If your child is still undecided of the job he or she wants to simulate, you can bring them at KidZania Job Center.


KidZania Job Information Center5

Always Read the Census Plaque.

Information Board

Information Board

The Aviation – your child will be trained to be a pilot or a crew.

Real airplane cockpit

Real airplane cockpit

Plane simulator

Plane simulator

The Fire Department – your little firefighters will experience how to put down the fire.


KidZania Fire Department officer


Little firefighters on the move

The Hospital – perform duties of  a doctor or nurse at the hospital


Outside the hospital where parents watch their kids simulate the job of a doctor or nurse


Inside the operating room


Johnsons Baby Center

Love ice cream or cookies? They can make one for your at the cookie and ice cream factories.


Cream-O Cookie Factory

KidZaniaICeCreamInside Magnolia Ice Cream Factory

Be a broadcaster or a journalist. There are radio and television studios and also a newspaper publication office at KidZania.


KidZania Radio booth


Television Studio


Publication section

The Justice Department – Be a judge, a prosecutor, a defendant and uphold justice for all.


Inside the court room


1) Parents are not allowed to go inside each KidZania establishments, only your children can enter, so you will have to wait outside the facilities or prefer to stay inside the SKY ZONE.


2) Wear your most comfortable shoes, if you will be roaming with your kids inside. I tell you, kids will get excited and most probably would want to try more establishment so be ready for a tiring but fun walk.

3) Be prepared. Before going in KidZania Manila, you can check out the website and ask your kids what he/she would like to do or portray inside KidZania. So you can manage your time. Also, please study the KidZania City Map for reference.

4) Always READ the Census Plaque (information board) found outside the door of every establishment so you will know the basic information like activity restrictions, KidZo transactions, time duration per activity.

5) Rates fof KidZania are as follow:


After the great exploration, all I can say is, “ZAZ! This place is AWESOME!”

I wish I am still a child today because I wanted to experience life inside KidZania.

KidZania Manila is located at Park Triangle, 3245 North 11th Avenue BGC, Taguig, 1634, Philippines

Visit their website at manila.kidzania.com or follow them on Facebook

30 comments on “A Tour Inside KidZania Manila

  1. This is awesome! I’ve heard about Kidzania Singapore but I’m glad that there’s one here now. This is a fun way to train kids to socialize and be who they wanna be like an adult. During our time, we would only use our imagination and pretend like teachers, doctors, etc using improvised toys. But now, the kids can experience almost the real thing.

  2. Kids will definitely have loads of fun at Kidzania. I wish there were Kidzania when I was little. BTW, I like that the location they picked is within Metro Manila which makes Kidzania as an attraction even more appealing.

  3. I agree nowdays kids are lucky enough to have kidzania.. my kids will.make a trip to kidzania malaysia every 3 months.. from here they learn how and more about the job tht been offer. I never regret letting them to come here

  4. Kids these days are so fortunate right? I think KidZania is a fantastic place to let children explore the different kinds of career and decide which job they like best.

  5. Today’s kids are so lucky to have this kind job simulation activity. Kidzania will surely give them a glimpse of what is to be like growing up someday on the chosen job.

  6. Thanks for bringing me inside Kidzania. I am sort of relieved my kids are already too old for this activity. Ang mahal pumasok! Hehe.

  7. Your kids can stay all day at KidZania and he/she can simulate 6-8 jobs while inside the play city. There is also time duration for every job, you can find it at the Census Plaque (like the one in the picture above) posted beside the door of every establishment.

  8. I know it’s kinda tiring for parents or guardians, but I’m sure your children will really enjoy their stay at KidZania.

  9. My cousins are excited for this. Finally, KidZania is now open for kids’ learning explorations. Everything is colorful and fun. The Aviation is the part where things looked most realistic.

  10. Kidzania looks amazing for kids.heard it is soon going to open in singapore.different career options for kids to choose.

  11. Oh there are opening up a Kidzania everywhere! I’d love to have a comparison of each in the region is doing compared to the other! There’s one in Bangkok, one in Jakarta, one in KL, now one in Manila and one upcoming in Singapore too… !

  12. A cool place for kids, aside from parks and beaches. It’s like they are inside a small community, only just for kids. Hahahahaha…I love to visit this place too!

  13. That looks so fun! This is the first time I heard of this. I’m sure the kiddos will have loads of fun at Kidzania.

  14. This place looks so cool! Even not kids will surely try this. I will try to bring my nephews and niece here.

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