4 Ways to Save When Traveling in Ottawa

Whether you are traveling to the capital of Canada for work or play, Ottawa offers a little something for everyone. But, before you begin to plan your trek across town to catch all of Ottawa’s museums, you need to figure out how exactly you are going to get there. From planes and trains to automobiles, planning your vacation can seem daunting, especially if you want to get the best deal. Here are four ways to save time and money when you plan your next trip to Ottawa:

1. Shop Smart For Airfare

Price comparison is a necessary part of travel. Shopping around is necessary unless you want your airfare to cost as much as your car. Instead of opening up three dozen tabs to view all the available search engines, try using a service that compares them all for you. After getting an overview of the prices available on your selected dates, you can decide whether or not that 8-hour layover in Timbuktu (or Sioux Falls) is worth saving an extra $70.

2. Find A Hotel In the Center of Things

Finding a hotel in the center of the city is an excellent choice when you are able to find it for a great price. Being centrally located is great for sightseeing because it allows you to be more flexible with your plans. While some city center hotels might cost more, when you add in the transportation costs involved in commuting, such as gasoline and parking, it is often not only less expensive but more convenient for a holiday in the city. A Courtyard Marriott is usually a good option because it is a budget-friendly, family-friendly branch of Marriott hotels that almost always offers free Wi-Fi.

3. Check Out Hotel Alternatives

Today’s tourism market offers the traveler a unique array of accommodation. If the hotels in Ottawa just don’t fit your style or budget, you could always check an alternative such as a homestay service or a listing on Airbnb. Airbnb, in particular, offers a variety of local accommodation that provides more value than some hotels because you will often get access to an entire home while you are away. This is a great option for long term travelers or family holidays, but for the short term, it isn’t always a good choice. Having a comfortable place with plenty of space and a full kitchen can calm even the crankiest of kiddies in a way that a hotel room just can’t quite do.

4. Book a Package

Have a search across all of the vacation packages available online with your favorite online search engine. Sometimes, the package deals available will actually be cheaper than airfare or hotel on its own. If you have some flexibility when you travel, this can be a great money-saving option.

Travel-hacking isn’t just for the professional frequent fliers. With the use of a great search engine and an eagle eye for a deal, anyone can score a great deal on a vacation.

17 comments on “4 Ways to Save When Traveling in Ottawa

  1. I’m a sucker for travel tips since I enjoy travelling (who doesn’t, anyway?). I’ll keep this handy in case I get lost in Ottawa one day.

  2. Hm, I think these are rather generic travel tips that can apply to any cities you’d be looking to travel to – not particular to Ottawa 😉

  3. nice tips! i want to visit ottawa one day. i wonder where i would have to connect if I’m flying from the uk

  4. Great tips for saving up when traveling to Ottawa, this’ll be good for travelers/backpackers which I am not. More of a homebody, I love my mom cave. Will pass it on to my buddies who love going out. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great post on money saving. Research and looking around beforehand is always the best way to go about it, thankyou for sharing.

  6. Great tips. I did check on hotels just nearby for my upcoming trip to SG. Hopefully I’d enjoy it! 😀 #1 is really true. To share my experience, I was planning to book a ticket for a bus online, but when I checked the prices they’re quite higher than I expected, I checked several airline flights, and poof, I saw a glaring lowest cheapest price, I booked and yeah, I got an airline ticket way lower than a train’s ticket. Faster and cheaper way to get to my destination. 😀

  7. I think being in the center of the city can really save you a lot of travel cost. It would also be best to scout for deals and alternatives when it comes to hotels.

  8. I agree with all your tips. During our travel to Spain, I would like to think my wife and I saved a lot by using budget airlines and airbnb.

  9. These are great tips for travelers esp to Ottawa. It’s a must that they are reminded to plan their travel well before heading anywhere. That way, they will get a more stress-free visit. I would personally suggest number 2 also. Whenever we travel, that’s one of our top 10 list to consider.

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