Uniqlo Undercover

Autumn is now beginning in countries with four seasons. The warm wind of summer is slowly turning cold during this period. Changes in weather is equivalent to changes in fashion.

With this transition, UNIQLO offers its 2012 Winter/Fall Collection. Uniqlo Undercover or the UU Collection is a high-quality basic clothing and the Undercover line of street-influenced high-end fashion.

Japanese designer Jun Takahasi is behind the UU Collection for UNIQLO. Takahashi is known for inventively blending a distinctively punk-inspired aesthetic and elements of modern street fashion to produce uniquely high-end style.

His Winter/Fall Collection work includes apparel for women, men and children or the whole family using Uniqlo’s signature fabric and materials.

For Men, there are Biker’s Jacket, Premium Ultra Light Down Jackets, V-Neck Cardigans, Long Sleeve Shirts, Corduroy Slim Fit Jeans, Skinny Fit Jeans and T-Shirts

For Women, Premium Ultra Light Down Jackets Tunics, Hoodies, Knits, Jeans, Lounge Sets and T-Shirts

For Children, Motorcycle Jackets, Blousons, Raincoats, Cut and Sewn Items, Pants, Skirts, Tunics, Dresses and T-Shirts

The 2012 UU Winter/Fall Collection is now available at Uniqlo Mall of Asia.

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