What Are the Most Popular Neighborhoods on Long Island?

Long Island is world-famous for its amazing balance of work and play: but what’s it like to live here?  Whether you’re considering starting a family or you’re more focused on creating a business, these are the most popular neighborhoods on Long Island, and why it’s a great idea to consider moving here!

Why Long Island?

Although Long Island houses for sale can be expensive enough to break hearts: this island has a lot to offer!  From the incredible entertainment, excellent schools and educational opportunities, and walkable neighborhoods, to the thriving nightlife and short distance to NYC, you’ll never run out of awesome things to see or do while you live here. 

You’ll quickly find that feeling like you’re part of a community here is as easy and natural as enjoying sunbathing on the nearby beaches.  If you have a chance, living here is a dream. 


Home to just 13,000 people, Jericho is 29 miles east of Manhattan but feels like eons away.  From the small ports that Oyster Bay calls home to the strong push for education that ensures a high graduation rate and a high rate of students moving on towards college, you’ll love the affordable housing and cost of rent that generally stays low and affordable.  


Although this might not be as high-class or expensive as Syosset or University Gardens, Kensington is a fantastic and quiet area full of affordable single-family homes that continue to steadily gain value.  The schools in this area are the best on Long Island, and the locals are always extremely friendly and pleasant to live near.

University Gardens

If you’re ready for an area that’s the perfect mix of city and suburb, you’ll love University Gardens.  Although this area is the most expensive on the list, with prices rivaling those in NYC proper: you’ll love the historic atmosphere.  From buildings with lavish gardens that look like they were made for a kid’s animation- to countless unique villages that have their own full community made: there’s nothing that can stop you from falling in love with University Gardens


This beautiful neighborhood gives you a rural feeling that’s nearly impossible to find anywhere else in the city.  With highly-rated public schools and a short commute into the city, you’ll be amazed at how beautiful the homes are here and how much space comes with them.  This is a neighborhood that will welcome you home with open arms.

What to Know Before Moving Here

Although Long Island is expensive, it has countless perks that ensure it’s worth the value.  It’s vital that before you move, you have good savings, though, so that you aren’t stuck without an income while you’re trying to rebuild a life here.  The cost of living for everything from food to entertainment is higher here: so be careful. 

Long Island is Paradise

This beautiful area is a paradise without having to try; from the incredible coastlines to the beautiful architecture and fantastic people: you won’t want to leave once you arrive!

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