Asus Incredible Workshops

Not like any regular workshop. That’s a perfect description for the Asus Incredible Workshops held at Century Mall Events Place last Tuesday. The reason, Asus Philippines did not only introduced us to their new products – Asus Zenbook UX305 and the Vivo FlipBook, but they also helped us understand Fashion 101 as well.


Asus laptops on display at the Century Mall events place.

They said first impressions lasts, so the moment I saw the Asus Zenbook UX305, I was awed by its slim and classy design.

Its key features were also eye-catching.

  • Ultra- powerful performance – Choose between the Intel’s fifth-generation Broadwell Core i7 for  all-day computing power
  • Ultra-thin and ultra-light –  1.3kg weight with 1.6cm thin (Thinner and lighter than New MacBook)
  • Ultra-clear display – 13.3-inch IPS display with QHD+ 3200×1800 ultra-high resolution for ultra-sharp viewing experience
  • Ultra- stylish and chic –  Available in multiple colors: Aurora metallic, obsidian stone (black), ceramic white
  • Ultra-memory –  Ready for everyday computing and demanding applications with 512GBSSD

The Asus Zenbook UX305 (center) and the Vivo FlipBook (left and right).

It was  actor, model and blogger Victor Basa who provided us information about fashion and lifestyle. From the Know Your Style, Experiment With Style up to the Tips and Tricks.

Here’s the summary of the workshop. “Style is subjective but there are time-tested rules you should follow in order to look good. You should master the rules first before you break them. Experiment with different looks in order to express your own identity. Accessories and details can complement your overall look. Simplicity is best and there are classic looks you can always go back to when in doubt.”


Model/actor/geek/blogger Victor Basa posing for the Asus Zenbook.

He even shared his incredible story as a blogger, a geek and a fashion guru. Watch the video.


The workshop has not ended. It’s the first of three workshops by Asus Philippines.  We were inclined to finish an incredible challenge too. It  was really an inviting competition  that shall I say helped  me get out of my shell. #incrediblestylechallenge #iwantaZenbook #incredibleworkshops


12 comments on “Asus Incredible Workshops

  1. Really, this is another beautiful and amazing gadgets coming from Asus that could compete from the market. Well, it’s great for some financially-stable individuals in the modern world. For sure, we have already purchased a laptop for our blogging activities.

  2. These computers look so good with all those ultra features. I do not know how well I will do in the workshop though. I am not too adept in discussing about style.

  3. ASUS is indeed going places. It’s a trusted brand being the manufacturer of mother boards that most other brands use. The design sensibilities of late is just awesome.

  4. I own an ultrabook of Asus myself. It’s really fast and the resolution is very clear. The Vivo FlipBook looks pretty cool as well!

  5. It look so compact which makes it a very handy laptop. It’s nice that ASUS holds workshops like this to showcase theiir products capabilities.

  6. This is such a good marketing strategy. Teaching customers how to use your product interests them more. I love that the new Asus notebook looks so sleek and fashionable. Definitely perfect for the fashion bloggers!

  7. Such brands never go out of style. They always have these surprising revelations that people will surely go gaga after. But this new Asus laptop costs high for sure. Have they disclosed its market price already?

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