Bible Reading for Kids

There are many books around that we can share and read to our kids but have you let them read the Holy Bible? When I was a child, I remember my father bought me a Bible for kids. It comes … read more

Finding your “Guardian Angel”

Leaving our children with a trustworthy guardian is a big relief for working parents like us. Hiring the right person to take care of our kids is very vital and we need to be extra careful because our home and children’s … read more

Is your School illegal?

Almost 26 million students in kindergarten, elementary and high school goes back to public and private school today. Old problems welcome the students in public schools like lack of classrooms, chairs and books. These are common problems that our children … read more

Safe @ School

It’s school time once again. We consider school as our child’s second home. So the security of our kids still matters to us, right? I have here some helpful tips to keep us at peace even if our kids are … read more