Reading with Kindle

Encouraging kids to read at an early age is a good practice. I remember when I was young then, I would go to the school library during recess just to read some books about fairy tales and I frequently borrow … read more

Escalator and Kid’s Safety

Most kids like riding the escalator when inside the mall or supermarkets. This moving staircase is an attraction to them. My 2-year old daughter loves to ride the escalator and she’s never scared at all unlike some kids who even … read more

P&G and e.Studyante

  Help a child become an “e.Studyante”with P&G promo packs School children in the Philippines face many challenges; sometimes, even the simplewalk to school in the morning can be an arduous journey. Students cross rivers, traversemountain peaks, even go through … read more

Media Sources and Content

Media played a very important part in today’s world and someone’s life. From what we read in the papers, what we watched on the television and what we heard on the radio may be influential to us as a person. … read more

Trick or Treat Goodies

Kids love receiving candies during Trick or Treat. However, parents should monitor what sweets our child eats. I don’t want to be mean but some candies distributed in the Trick or Treat event may be harmful to our kid’s health. … read more