More about Koala’s March

K-O-A-L-A Stands For… Learn about the cute and playful Koala with five interesting attributes that describe just what kind of creature it is! K-Kind Though it may seem a bit odd to some, describing an animal, especially a Koala, with … read more

Trick or Treat Goodies

Kids love receiving candies during Trick or Treat. However, parents should monitor what sweets our child eats. I don’t want to be mean but some candies distributed in the Trick or Treat event may be harmful to our kid’s health. … read more

Salmonella on Noodles

I know how kids love eating noodles. I am also fond of eating noodles since childhood. But, Mommies, have you heard about the issue of Salmonella scare in noodles? Salmonella bacteria according to Encyclopedia Britannica is (genus Salmonella), group of rod-shaped, gram-negative, facultatively anaerobic bacteria … read more