Cute Videos About Father’s Day

I was browsing online and searching for a gift to give my father this weekend. I thought for a watch, I’ve seen in Franc’s post and that pair of running shoes.

But, I remember the GoPro I’ve seen at Lazada. It’s perfect for Dad’s adventure coz he loves traveling.

Lazada Philippines

While meticulously searching the web, I chanced upon these cool Father’s Day videos. So, I think of sharing these with you guys!

How about some pranking with Dad?


I’m pretty sure making crafts for Dad is more fun.

Cool and crafty kids!

I have found a gift for Dad and I have to finish my online transactions, so I just wish you ALL a HAPPY, HAPPY FATHER’s DAY!

14 comments on “Cute Videos About Father’s Day

  1. I have really few memories of stuff that I did with my dad. He wasn’t around most of the time and I wish he was more present when my brother and I were growing up.

    Anyways, on a lighter note – these videos are cute and hilarious at the same time. I can’t imagine my dad though doing crafts with me, lol. I do way too girlie stuff.

  2. Those are truly cute videos and I applaud all the guys that are there for their kids on fathers day but I also applaud the women who are single parents as well. They’re both mom and dad.

  3. Poor guy with the bike in the second video. Funny, but I do not like this idea of cops pranking. From the first video, correct observation about having to repeat words your parents tell you.

  4. So cute to watch a video like this, celebrating Father’s Day is like celebrating and honoring our dear mother’s. Both have a significant place in our hearts. Happy Father’s Day to all, especially to single mom like me! Hahahahaha….

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