Ginataang Langka at Alimasag

I love dishes in coconut milk. The best for me is Adobong Baka sa Gata which happens to be my grandmother’s specialty.

Ginataang Langka is also a favorite. Honestly speaking, I don’t eat vegetables way back my childhood but when I tasted Ginataang Langka with Dilis from my classmate’s home in the province, I was delighted with it and I started to like eating Langka or Camansi as viand. You can mix it with pork, shrimp or alimasag. And I really love it spicy.

Last weekend, I prepared Ginataang Langka at Alimasag and I paired it with Fried Dalagang Bukid. My family enjoys it a lot.

Cooking in coconut milk is easy, to do Ginataang Langka at Alimasag, you just need to mix the thin coconut milk (pangalawang piga), onion, garlic and ginger and boil them in a casserole then add the Alimasag and Langka. Season it with pepper and salt.

Then add the thick coconut milk (unang piga) and finger chilies. Boil for 10 minutes. I always remember not to cover the casserole when cooking with coconut milk as per my grandmother’s advice so that the creaminess would be consistent.

Serve hot and enjoy!


14 comments on “Ginataang Langka at Alimasag

  1. Though i am allergic to seafoods particularly to shell fish, glad di gaano ang reacvtion ko sa crabs, ill ask my mother to cook this one, kaso mahal seafood dito! pero worth naman sa sarap! yummm!!!

  2. Topexpress, I am also allergic to seafoods like shrimp and crabs. What I did is I eat them and stop only if my tongue becomes itchy. Glad I am slowly overcoming my allergies sarap pa naman ng seafoods.

  3. Tingin pa lang ay nakakagutom na. Punta ako mamaya sa bahay ng friend ko para ipagluto nya ako ng ganito. hehehe…di kasi ako marunong magluto… 🙂

  4. I actually have seafood allergies, but this dish is one of my most favorite seafood viands. Napapalakas nga ko lagi sa kanin ‘pag ito ulam namin.. 😀

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