Is your School illegal?

Almost 26 million students in kindergarten, elementary and high school goes back to public and private school today.

Old problems welcome the students in public schools like lack of classrooms, chairs and books. These are common problems that our children and teachers face in public schools. A dilemma which may not arise in private schools.

Parents who have their children enrolled in private schools, may be at peace that their kids are comfortably studying inside a well ventilated or air-conditioned classrooms.

That may be true, but to be confident enough about your child’s future, did you check if the private school is accredited by the Department of Education?

This you should know first, moms and dad. Why? Because there are 3,000 private schools in the country that illegally operates. Meaning they are not accredited by the government – no permit at all.

It would be really sad to know that it’s too late to figure this out. Your child will undergo a certain process to have his/her credentials verified and certified as legal if it happens that they graduated from a non-accredited school.

To help you distinguish if the private school legally operates. Here are some hints:

1) Check if they have permits displayed at the Registration Office. They are required to show it in public.

2) Inquire in Department of Education’s regional or division offices.

As parent, it is important that we should look at this matter too. Remember, it’s our children’s future that is at stake.




3 comments on “Is your School illegal?

  1. it is really important to verify the school of our kids specially if hindi masyadong kilala….I remember before na may napanuod ako na nagrereklamo ang mga parents dahil hindi makapasok sa college ang kanilang mga anak dahil hindi registered sa DECS ang school. Kawawa naman ang mga bata…

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