Safe @ School

It’s school time once again.

We consider school as our child’s second home. So the security of our kids still matters to us, right? I have here some helpful tips to keep us at peace even if our kids are going to school or inside the school.

School Transport Service

1) Be sure the school service is accredited by the school administration and it is duly registered in the Land Transportation Office and Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board.

2) Check if the school service follows the guidelines for passenger’s safety. It should have:

a. Yellow and black markings on the body

b. Safety equipment

c. Medical kit

d. Fire extinguisher

e. Stop and Go signage

f. Grills on the door and window

g. Enough handrails and seat belts.

3) The school bus driver always bring his valid driver’s license and is fit or healthy to drive.

4) A companion or assistant that guides and helps our child with their things and other belongings.

5) Always keep contact numbers of the school bus operator, the service driver and the assistant so you can keep in touch during emergencies and other matters.


1) Check if the gates are guarded by security officers and if they follow school procedures for safety.

2) Keep contact numbers of your child’s teacher or classmate for emergency and other use.

3) Observe the school compound and buildings if it has safety equipment and clinic.

4) Does the school have professionals that handle situations like troubled students and the likes?

5) Know if the school addressed their student, teachers and employees about maintaining a safe and healthy environment.

We still have three more days or a week or two to check these things out before the school bell officially rings. So check it out loving parents.

6 comments on “Safe @ School

  1. I’m a teacher at a prestigious school. In regards to safety, my boss says the following statement so often it’s almost like a mantra:

    “Have the extraordinary diligence of a good father.”

    If you see something that you wouldn’t want your own child to be around, you gotta make sure to pro-act and remove it or remedy it before something happens.

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