Kids with good manners, matters

Raising kids with good manners is a big challenge to parents. I know we all want our kids to be adored by people around them because of their behaviour. It is somehow a way to let them have better social relationship with other people.

As parents, how could we effectively pass good manners and right conduct to our kids?

1) Be a good example

As the cliche goes, “Kung ano ang ginagawa ng mas matanda, siya ring gagawin ng mga bata.” This is self-explanatory since we are older than our kids, we must be their model when it comes to kindness and politeness.

2) Practice what you preach

Children easily see our actions and they are observant of their surroundings so if we want to teach them courteousness, we should really be doing it straight from the heart and not be courteous only when the kids are around then be a total stranger when they are not looking.

3) Praise their good gestures.

When children hear praises, they are happy. So as parents, let us try to appreciate their simple act of politeness. When we do this, kids think that they are doing the right thing and will continue to do good things and deeds.

4) Show them respect.

Treating our kids well in front of other people when they act badly will help us parents to let them easily understand that they have done wrong. Let us try not to humiliate our kids in front of others so we won’t hurt their feelings. Just try to talk to them privately or at home and remind them of the right thing to do.


21 comments on “Kids with good manners, matters

  1. Kids are very impressionable. Parents must be careful when they are around their children because they copy what their parents do. I agree with you that kids with good manners matter.

  2. Pagpapalaki ng mga bata nang maayos. Pinakamahirap ngunit pinakamasaya. Salamat sa pagbahagi mo nito mam. Sang ayon ako sa’yo, manners matter. dito rin kasi nasasalamin kung anong klase tayong magulang sa ating mga anak 🙂

  3. The bottomline is, the manners of our kids emanates from the manners of their parents and surroundings. Their manners is the by-product of all the things they see, hear, learn and experience in the environment that surround them so I have to say, we, older, should be a good example. :))

  4. I have preschooler daughter and its really hard for me to raise her aside from the fact her father is not with us .. Anyway, i tried to teach her to use po at opo sometimes today’s generation forget it already so even on simple way i will raise her better.

  5. In school instructions, these manners are absolutely taught by our teachers. And they are also followed up by the parents, guardians of the children. But the best influencing factors for the integration of these manners by example. Though good manners are taught, but they are more effective when they’re caught, meaning shown by adults, practised by those around them, that’s by EXAMPLE.

    RandomThoughts! firmly believes on this.

  6. To understand why a child is behaving or acting a certain way, you must always refer back to the parents and the kind of home environment/dynamics they have. Though they spend so much time in school, the parents are still the primary educators of their children.:)

  7. teaching the kids also needs timing, the times when they are already ready for learning. there are actually stages for that especially in young kids. like with your number one, being a good example, there’s a stage called oedipal stage when the opposite gender is the most likely the best example as they think.

  8. Very well said sis. Although I dont know if my kids sees me that way. I mean as a good example. I may not be a good example to them because of my straight forward personality but I know that I am trying to be the best Mom that I can be for them

    Keep on blogging and inspiring others.

    Been here from FBW FB group

    its me,
    Cielo of Brown Pinay

  9. i don’t have kids yet but i have 4 nephews/nieces and i have observed their growing up days. good manners is really taught at home, whatever the kids will apply in their lives later on are the result of their upbringing.

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