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M.O.M is a month old, this June. And with several posts I already published here, I think this is the right time to introduce who is behind this mom blog. Here are the 10 things about M.O.M

1) I am not a wonder Mom but I always try to do the best things for my family.

2) I was born with the innate ability to balance things – that is because I bear the Libran characteristics.

3) I am naturally born Filipino citizen, with Pinoy features too – brown complexion, not so tall and not endowed with a beautiful nose but not too snub (lolz).

4) I love adventures.

5) I am flexible, patient and God fearing individual.

6) At first glance, you may find me a snobbish person but the truth is I am sometimes shy and naive.

7) However, most of my friends can attest that I am a jolly individual and a true friend.

8) This blog is hosted by Pinay Mommy Communities or PMC through Mommy Rubz, generosity.

9) I chose to have a Mom blog so that I can always remember my role as a mother and not be too dedicated with my other career.

10) This blog is my outlet to help myself and other mothers with parenting issues, concerns and needs. And to be friends with other moms like me.

These are the 10 things about M.O.M and thank you Pepper for the tag.


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