Nido Fortified in Choco and Melon Flavor

My daughter is turning four and though she drinks her milk, there are incident that it takes her time to finish it, a symptom of Milk Taste Fatigue.

It’s true that children grow tired of the taste of milk and they started to look for variety and new flavors. Mother wanted to conquer this problem for the sake of our children’s growth and development.

Good thing Nido Fortified launched two new flavors – NIDO FORTI-CHOCO and NIDO FORTI-MELON. The new flavors can help moms with children experiencing milk taste fatigue.

NIDO FORTI-CHOCO and NIDO FORTI-MELON are packed with essential nutrients such as Calcium, which is important for the development of bones and health; zinc for normal growth and protein for muscle development. It is enriched with high levels of Iron, B-Vitamins and Vitamin C.

Available in leading supermarkets at a very affordable price: P69.00 for 150g and P299.00 for 700g.

Below are my children, niece and nephew enjoying a glass of Nido Forti-Choco and Nido Forti-Melon at home.


During the product launch Ms. Susie Entrata-Abrera and Nestle Philippines Chef Tess Sutilo shared to us some exciting recipes that we can do with NIDO FORTI-CHOCO and NIDO FORTI-MELON.

Chef Sutilo made and Nido-Choco Peanutty  Polvoron and Nutty Melon Polvoron.

Aside from the Polvoron recipe, they also gave us recipe for ice candy which I did at home. With these different ways I’m sure my kids will enjoy their Nido Forti-Choco and Nido Forti-Melon milk more.

Give your kids a glass of New NIDO FORTI-CHOCO or NIDO FORTI-MELON. I’m sure you too will hear them say, “GusCHOCO ‘to!” or “MELON pa Mommy?”

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  1. this looks like a really interesting way for the little ones to drink their milk. when Jared is a bit bigger we will try these out, i just hope he will like these flavors 🙂

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