Pursuit of Passion: Celebrate Art & Life with Ayala Museum & Avida Land

Friday afternoon was a celebration of art, literature, history and everything in between. Avida Land, in collaboration with Ayala Museum and CNN Philippines Life, held the INSPIRE EVERY DAY event that aims to inspire people to pursue their passions in their every day lives.  Visitors, even kids, enjoyed the different activities that goes with the theme ” Inspiration Got Us Started, Passion Keeps Us Going.”

Inside the museum, I found myself understanding the past. Life was simple and easy before. People started from scratch – from the clothes they wear, to the homes they live. A basic life to be exact.


With their own hands, they have empowered their community and enriched lives. What they did before was a picturesque of their strength that we cherished until today.


From the basic life, they were driven to conquer and rule the world.


Today, life is complicated.


We have so many options to choose from and so many roads to take.


We also face different battles. How do we set our own stage?


I know we need inspiration to keep us going, just like the people from our history.

During the discussion with Jerrold Tarog, director of the film Heneral Luna, I was enlightened by his saying, “People who came before me are really not different from who I am. So, ‘yung mga struggles na dinaanan nila, (the struggles that they’ve experienced) the way they think is pretty much the same as how I did today. In the context of our lives on this planet, the people you see in these dioramas, they were just here yesterday. One hundred years, two hundred years, it’s a very, very short time from the point of human evolution.”


How do you pursue your passion? So what drives you to achieve your dream? This is how Director Jerrold answered it.


Now, I’d like to know what is your passion? My passion is to inform people.


My dream is to own a home.


What inspires me every day? Life inspires me every day. It is an endless artwork where I draw my dreams, sketch my plans, erase some mistakes, hand-paint my goals, frame my success and do it all again.


Now, let me ask you, what’s your passion and what inspires you every day?


Because life is enriched by passion, do check out the Pursuit of Passion lifestyle blog. It has resource guide that motivates and encourages everyone to breathe life into their passions for art, design, wellness and finance.

19 comments on “Pursuit of Passion: Celebrate Art & Life with Ayala Museum & Avida Land

  1. The museum itself does not seem so big but it’s enough to bring knowledge and insights for visitors. This is a must-visit especially for those who would like to appreciate art and culture.

  2. I believed with your outlook that at present life is complicated. But life really makes us strong that we can eradicate the complications. All along with our evolution, we cannot stop the changes of mankind. Museum is very good in learning something useful for children and adults too.

  3. Nothing more than resilience can keep us driving towards our passion! Best wishes to you to own your dream home.

  4. Life was really simple back then and has improved until today. Passion is important to live life, my passion is sharing my experiences with people, that’s why I blog 🙂

  5. I’m glad that the Ayala Museum still has a collection of dioramas. The Lego diorama was kind of funny though. But yeah, definitely… a lot may seem to have changed, but not much has shifted in terms of our way of thinking. I guess minor tweaks lang from our evolution… but dreams and passion still remain to be vital components of our thoughts. Dream ko din magka-own home hahaha.

  6. It’s also my dream to own a hope and I always get my inspiration from my family and my soon-to-be-born child. I will strive hard for them.

  7. My passion is my family and to live my life without regrets by making the most of each day. Passion is very much important as it is the driving force that keeps us forging on. I will most definitely check out this blog for daily dose of inspiration. I sure hope I can also check out the Ayala Museum with my boys soon.

  8. The first and last time I set foot inside Ayala Museum was during my high school educational field trip. I have always like museums, arts and visual displays. It was my dream to at least paint my own art work. It has been realized last year.

  9. It’s nice to see that Ayala has this kind of program. At least, they don’t just think about their business but they also care for everyone as well.

  10. Been passing by this Museum because I work here in Makati. I had no idea that it’s so beautiful inside. Thank you for making me aware of the arts inside. Will try to check this out if I’ll have a free time. 🙂

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