Taste of Cocktails: #SolaireMixology

Attending an interactive tour of cocktails in the most prestigious hotel and entertainment center in the country, Solaire Resort and Casino  was indeed an extra-ordinary experience for me.

The rainy weather plus the cold ambiance inside Solaire made it more perfect to digest the art of making mixed drinks called Mixology. I even wanted to sipped on my perfect drink, but before the blending begun, we were introduced to Solaire mixologist, Ryan Neil Dela Cueva.

Mr. Dela Cueva, honed his expertise in mixology for seven years in Dubai. It was also Ryan who familiarized us on cocktail tools and thought us how to pack a cocktail. As a starter, we made the Duchess with mango and pomegranate espuma or foam.


Lady’s drink

With Duchess, you can taste the barrel-aged whisky, a bit bitter, but the mango and pomegranate espuma leaves a sweet sensation on the tongue. How to make the Duchess? Just mix all these liquid.


Margarita is the most common among lady’s drink immortalized by tequila, lime juice and cointreau. What amazes me in this mix was the making of Agave caviar pearl. It’s a liquid mix that solidifies when soaked in water. The pearls even made the Margarita exquisite and enticing to consume.


Lady’s drink

Smoked Russian is definitely for men. The taste is more masculine with the combination of smoked vodka and infused tobacco kahlua. That cinnamon stick added twist to the drink and leaves a lasting taste on the mouth.


For the macho

A bitter and sweet concoction, Aged Negroni, was a combination of Campari, Campano Antica and Hendricks gin. Notice the orange ice ball inside? To make the ice ball, you’ll gonna need a Japanese machine worth half a million pesos.


Indulge it with the orange ice ball

Not your ordinary cocktail. This is how I described Cocktail Spheres made by Mr. Dela Cueva. How he made it drew my attention and curiosity. In fact, I do love this cocktail as it exploded in my mouth.

cocktail spheres

You’ll gonna love this in your mouth

The fun in mixing drinks continued when we were allowed to make our own cocktail. Just imagine how many drinks can we invent using variety of alcoholic beverages.


Of course, I’m sharing to you our own concoction of tequila, cranberry juice, mint, tonic water and a slice of orange.  They said it tasted more like an orange juice, lolz.


Our very own Finestra sunset

Our group picture with Solaire Mixology Team, lifestyle and food bloggers after the educational session.


The mixology session was held at Finestra, a fine dining restaurant in Solaire that offers authentic Italian dishes.


Finestra not only caters to gourmet pizza and pasta, it also houses thousands of bottles of internationally known wines, brandy, gin, whisky and beer, name it.


Aside from Finestra you can also enjoy your choice of cocktails in the following restaurants and bars inside Solaire

1) STRIP – Solaire signature Steakhouse that also houses thousands of bottles of wine, including the most expensive in the world.

2) RED LANTERN – offers authentic Cantonese cuisine

3) YAKUMI – perfect for Japanese food lovers. The haven of fresh seafoods.

4) DRAGON BAR – caters drink and snack to casino players

5) ECLIPSE BAR and LOUNGE – makes variety of cocktails. It has live entertainment for party-goers

Whenever you want to drink and relax, head on to Solaire Resort and Casino at #1 Asean Avenue, Entertainment City, Tambo, Paranaque City. It is strategically located near SM Mall of Asia; Makati City; Bonifacio Global City, Taguig and the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

36 comments on “Taste of Cocktails: #SolaireMixology

  1. I drink alcoholic beverages during special occasions but learning how to mix drinks is something that I’d love to learn just for me to enjoy sipping and just have a good time! 😀

  2. Got my knowledge about mixology through self when I really wanted to learn. Well, you have to know the basics first like,; ingredients, utensils, equipments, and procedures to do the work. Besides, use your flexibility to discover as your masterpieces.

  3. I remember when I was in school, we studied this and got a 78 grade in our practical exam. boy it was hard to memorize ingredients. hahahahaha. if we did it wrong or right, nothing else would happen but to drink it.

  4. Good news, Papaleng, you can visit Solaire Eclipse Entertainment Lounge because they have the ‘Nightfall Specials for Dad’ promo. It’s a buy one and get one (selected) cocktails for only 350 pesos

  5. These are the blogger events I would love to attend! This is really mixing fun and learning how to make your own cocktails.

    I’m intrigued by the cocktail on the spoon. I have never tried anything like that. Kudos to Solaire and the person who concocted that kind of cocktail!

  6. this sounds really interesting..
    I’m not adept with mixing drinks, even the ones on the get go.
    I would love to know and understand the Science and Art for this.

  7. Wow! The experience looks very exciting. I have friends who do mixes too but this is a professional level! Lucky you to have the opportunity to witness this.

    I’ve heard about Finestra and I will definitely ask my parents to take me there one time. I’m a pasta lover so I want to try them out. Have you tried them? If yes, what pasta did you like most? 🙂

  8. Cocktail Spheres are my favourite from all that you have described about. Sounds like a great event dear and I loved your photos. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. Hmmm, never tasted liquor for almost…all my life, tehehe. The last one- when I was 7 or 8 yrs old and my father made me take a sip of Sanmig beer which resulted to skin irritations afterwards, oh dads, you know:) But enough about me, all the drinks you mentioned here look appealing. Creative concoctions:)

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